Job Opportunities: SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) is hiring full-time Program Director and part-time Office Manager

SAGE ( is looking to hire a full-time program director and part-time office manager. SAGE is a small nonprofit located in the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA.

SAGE is looking to expand and bringing in a mid-level program director (full-time) will be key to the success of current and future projects. The office manager position (part-time), while focused largely on organizational finance and admin tasks, also gets her hand in many of the farming related legal/financial work, budgeting on grants and programs, and program implementation.

SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Berkeley, California. SAGE’s mission is to cultivate urban-edge places where farming and local food culture can thrive and be celebrated. As a lean, entrepreneurial organization, they work collaboratively with a range of partners including public agencies, farmers, educators, conservationists, health experts, economists, planners, public-interest organizations, and community groups. Their goals are to: (1) cultivate urban-edge places that model sustainable agriculture integrated with resilient communities; (2) broaden the community of supporters for urban-edge farming; and (3) provide expertise, resources, tools and convening opportunities that advance vibrant regional agriculture and help farmers thrive.

Further questions can be directed to  Charlotte Hryse, the SAGE Program Associate for Sustainable Agriculture Education, at