Ron Revord: First ASAP Scholar

The Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Scholars Program is seeking applicants for fall 2013.   To give you an idea of the kinds of things students might do we thought we’d tell you about the 2012 ASAP Scholar, Ron Revord.

ron1Ron is a M.S. student in NRES who has designed his research in plant breeding around the betterment of agroecological systems. He works with hybrid hazelnuts (Corylus americana x C. avellana) to improve resistance to Eastern Filbert Blight. The study aims to confirm pre-breeding and backcross strategies as well as improve phenotyping protocol and marker-assisted selection.

ron2The deliverables of Ron’s study have been identified as critical next steps in the development of varieties for an expanding upper Midwest hazelnut industry. His work will contribute towards the further adoption of this crop and the associated ecological rehabilitation potentials.

This research grew out of Ron’s interest in permaculture.  For the past few years, he and and a small team of others including graduating senior Kevin Wolz and author and permaculturalist Mark Shepard, have been working to increase interest and understanding of Woody Perennial Permaculture.