USDA Webinar to Celebrate Bird Health Awareness Week

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is ramping up in preperation of its “Bird Health Awareness Week”, from February 24 – March 2, and announced last week that it will be hosting a seminar on the 28th, entitled Growing Chicks into Healthy Chickens: Getting Ready for Spring. The webinar will focus on info and tips on “raising healthy backyard poultry.” Among the things the webinar promises to touch on:

  • How to get your birds and equipment ready for spring
  • What to look for when buying chicks to start or build your flock • What are the best and most popular bird breeds
  • How to keep your flock safe from predators and disease
  • What are the signs of infectious diseases
  • Where to find resources to help you

Should you be interested, the webinar’s info page can be found here, though the registration link appears to be broken, at least on my computer. Try it out, in case the link’s not broken and it’s just my old Macbook playing tricks again. Anyway, have a good one guys and gals.

Info page