Local Food System Symposium

Wednesday, October 22

8am to 12pm

SDRP – 301 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign IL 61820
Phone (217) 244-5792.

The symposium will focus on discussions among local farm growers, local food related organizations and faculty, staff and students from across disciplines at the University of Illinois. The discussions will address concerns about infrastructure of the local food system, impact of local food on economic development, and education and training of farmers in an attempt to build a successful model of local food system in the community.

The format of the symposium will be as follows. It will start with discussions on current issues on the above topics. The participants will then break up into small multidisciplinary teams. Each team will develop guidelines to implement projects addressed and discussed by that team. The results from each table will be summarized and presented across tables for further discussion in the room. The expected outcomes are:

  • A fresh look at the issues in the local food chain including ways in which the University and community can partner to make the community’s investment in local foods beneficial,
  • Develop ideas for filling the gaps in infrastructure, such as creation of centralized food hubs,
  • Ideas for training more farmers and professionals in the community.

All registered participants are expected to play an active role in the discussions and teamwork on projects during the symposium.

Refreshments will be provided by the University Dining Services.

The deadline for registering is September 19. Registration can be accessed here.

Images for the symposium are provided by the University of Illinois Extension, New Illinois Farmers program, PrairiErth Farm, Plow Creek Farm and The Land Connection.