The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS) is hiring for two positions

Positions include a Regional Farmer Training Programs Coordinator and  a Young Farmer Training Program Teaching Assistant.

email for complete job descriptions. These positions are funded by a 3-year grant from the USDA’s Beginning Farmer & Rancher Development Program.

About the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, IFFS Farm, Regional Farmer Training Programs and Young Farmer Training Program:

The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS) pioneers innovative, transformative solutions designed to end hunger in our community. IFFS Nutrition, Farms and Garden Programs help build community health, wealth, and security by bringing our community together to EAT, GROW, COOK, SHARE, AND MOVE.  Food justice, inclusivity, meaningful economic development and environmental stewardship are pillars of IFFS farm programs.

Located in Raleigh, NC, IFFS Teaching Farm offers hands-on sustainable farming education at all levels. IFFS Teaching Farm grows thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables each year for IFFS distribution to over 200 agencies across the triangle region. IFFS farm programs aren’t just about growing food, they’re about growing farmers and growing our community. Educational farm programming includes volunteer opportunities, farm tours, workshops for farmers and homesteaders, and a Young Farmer Training Program for teenagers.

In 2012, IFFS will launch two new programs for farmer training: 1. a Regional Outreach Training Center (ROTC) in collaboration with Growing Power and Longview Alternative High School;  and 2. the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training – United Piedmont (CRAFT-UP).

In collaboration with Longview Alternative High School in Raleigh as a partner of Growing Power in Milwaukee, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is Growing Power’s newest “Regional Outreach Training Center” (ROTC). Each Fall, Longview will host a weekend intensive farming workshop for teens, and each Spring, IFFS will host a weekend intensive farming workshop for adults. These two weekend workshops will be offered annually beginning Fall 2012. From Growing Power’s website:

The vision for Growing Power’s Regional Outreach Training Centers is to provide Growing Power’s technical training support at the local level as an expansion of Our Vision: Inspiring communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound, creating a just world, one food-secure community at a time. A Regional Outreach Training Center, or ROTC, will be able to host Growing Power, “From the Ground Up” type workshop for the region and will receive technical support to plan and develop a Community Food Systems project inspired by Growing Power’s Community Food Center and Projects.

“The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) is a farmer-led coalition organized by sustainable agriculture farmers in a self-selected geographic region. Participating farmers offer up their time, talents and experience to help prepare the next generation of farmers. The secret to CRAFT’s success is simple — farmers learn most effectively from other farmers. CRAFT provides farmer-to-farmer learning and access to the social network and culture of local farmers.”  (   Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training – United Piedmont (CRAFT-UP)  group will offer resources for residents of the Piedmont bioregion. CRAFT-UP will be a venue for established Piedmont farmers to streamline and network their training opportunities, while providing beginning farmers with a formal network and more resources for entry into farming careers.

The IFFS Young Farmer Training Program (YFTP) is a paid multi-year farming apprenticeship for teenagers in Wake County. IFFS hosts apprentices three days per week in sessions each Spring, Summer and Fall. Apprentices grow vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and flowers on our 6-acre Raleigh farm, design and implement profitable farm plans, market their produce while keeping good records, teach the community about farming and gardening, cook healthy meals, and advocate for a better food system. Food justice, inclusivity, meaningful economic development and environmental stewardship are pillars of YFTP.

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