Reimagining results


Submissions received were from a wide range of fields such as engineering, health sciences, social sciences, earth sciences, design, and architecture. First prize was awarded to Jamie Lee and Semi Shin for an entry on Sustainable Cement that addressed innovation and infrastructure (SDG #9), responsible consumption and production (SDG #12), and partnership (SDG #17) goals. Second prize went to Advay Sudarshan, Aryan Panigrahi, and Yuge Ji, for work on An Energy-Efficient Cooling System for Future Data Centers in pursuit of responsible consumption and production (SDG #12) and climate action (SDG #13). The third place winner, Sakshi Vaya, proposed Education X, to address goals of quality education (SDG #4) and gender equality (SDG #5).

2022 results were very inspiring so we are looking forward to 2023!