Using Advanced Imagery to Quantify Emergent Soil Health Properties

Philippe Baveye, Professor AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay, Beckman and ASAP Sponsored Seminar

2.00 PM Sept 26th Monsanto Room ACES Library- Open to the public

Will help launch a partnership between Beckman and ACES to explore possibilities for use of advanced imagery to answer vital soil health questions and foster growth of a vibrant UIUC plant and soil user community to innovate use of imagery for soil health diagnostics.    

He will share his vision of how advanced imagery can finally answer the most important question about soil and seed a series of discussions designed to help Beckman staff and users of imagery take the medical analogy for soil health literally.

Dr. Baveye is a champion of a pore-oriented approach that explores how biology structures the soil and influences processes using advanced imagery, including X-ray tomography, to better describe and then model processes within soils and then scale/interrelate results to support extrapolation and ultimately implementation in the field.   We hope his visit will help focus campus efforts on practical applications that can be rapidly developed through a combination of imagery, sensors, algorithms, and applications.