2018 ASAP Scholars!

We are excited to announce two new ASAP Scholars and can’t wait to see what they accomplish! 

Jaeyoung Han is a PhD student working with Dr. Glen Hartman. They are interested in the occurrence of nematodes in organic soybean fields in the state of Illinois. Plant parasitic nematodes, especially soybean cyst nematode, damage soybean cultivation throughout the United States, while free-living nematodes are used as a measure of healthy soil.  Jay’s research objectives are to (1) evaluate nematode populations in organic soybean fields, (2) track changes of nematode populations in accordance with application of organic amendments on organic soybean fields, and (3) conduct a greenhouse evaluation to investigate the natural suppressiveness of organic field soil in terms of control of plant pathogenic nematodes.

Sarah Brown is a second year M.S. student working on synthesizing the global evidence for the impacts of agroforestry on agricultural productivity, ecosystem services, and human-wellbeing.  Her advisor is Dr. Dan Miller.  Her research goal is to engage with farmers, researchers, and institutions to help inform decision-making and shape programs and policies to help support sustainable agricultural practices, particularly in the U.S. Midwest. She is passionate about creating healthy food systems to improve both the lives of people and the environment.