Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Assistant in Peoria IL

Candidates should submit resume and cover letter to with the subject line: “AKRF Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Assistant.”

AKRF, Inc. is seeking a locally-based student intern to provide ‘boots-on-the-ground’ site support for its green stormwater infrastructure maintenance and monitoring program for a pilot green stormwater infrastructure project in Peoria, IL. This program is specifically tailored to a green stormwater infrastructure project that is currently under construction and will be monitored for a 2-year period, starting in May 2018.

The goal of the project, funded by a NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant, is to demonstrate pilot site performance with respect to stormwater management, site restoration, community engagement, and numerous co-benefits.

As part of the AKRF Team, this student intern will perform routine site maintenance and environmental monitoring tasks. Tasks will consist of:
 Routine stormwater monitoring instrument calibration/maintenance and troubleshooting,
 Field data collection from site instruments,
 Data screening/formatting/reporting,
 Various other tasks related to instrument care and site maintenance, and
 Oversee / supervise site landscape maintenance work performed by others.

This position, which will require a 1-year commitment (with opportunity to for AKRF to extend for a second year based on the performance of the candidate), offers valuable experience in the field of green stormwater infrastructure and exposure to innovative technology and cutting-edge environmental monitoring techniques.

Position requirements:
It is expected that this position will require 20 work hours per week, on average. These hours will be split between field work and data analysis tasks, with a heavier workload expected during weeks with wet weather.
The prospective candidate will be expected to perform the following tasks:
 Monitor local weather data and perform a pre wet-weather research site inspection in advance of each wet-weather event to ensure all site monitoring instruments are functioning as intended.
 Ensure proper monitoring instrument function by regularly cleaning instruments, equipment housing apparatus, checking site power supply elements (including solar panels/battery levels), and calibrating/re-calibrating monitoring instruments (per study protocols; on a weekly basis).
 Digitally/manually download site data on a weekly basis (most instruments will have digital download capabilities, but several will require field site visit to download direct from instruments).
 Perform data screening and quality control (i.e., flagging data to filter unusable/suspect data and/or troubleshooting any instrumentation issues; per study site protocol).
 Prepare formatted data and site issue reports (on a monthly basis).
 Attend AKRF Team site visit and walkthrough (every other month).
 Respond to specific research site needs or issues on an as-needed basis.
To be considered, the prospective candidate must:
 Have a flexible academic/professional schedule.
 Have access to personal vehicle.
 Be able/willing to work in wet weather/adverse environmental conditions (such as slippery or uneven surfaces) on a fairly consistent basis, and may occasionally work in temperatures above 100 degrees and below 32 degrees F.
 Be available and on-call to quickly address research site instrumentation/site safety issues as they arise.
 Be proficient with Microsoft Office applications (including Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word).
 Be attentive to detail and have prior experience with data analysis and presentation.
 Be able to occasionally lift up to 50 pounds.
 Be comfortable performing work unsupervised on-site.
Preferred candidates for this position will:
 Be enrolled in an accredited civil/environmental, mechanical, or electrical engineering, environmental science, or related program of study.
 Have had previous experience with SDI-12 sensors and environmental monitoring equipment and applications.
 Have had previous experience troubleshooting remote site power/communication issues.
 Have a working understanding of green stormwater infrastructure, stormwater management practices, and combined sewer overflow issues in Peoria, IL.
 Have a flexible academic/professional schedule allowing candidate to commit for the entirety of the 2-year research monitoring period.

AKRF, Inc. enforces a policy of equal employment opportunity in our daily operations. The firm has a demonstrated history of hiring, training, developing, promoting and retaining minority group members and women. All employment-related decisions are based solely on relevant criteria and without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, caregiver status, military/veteran status or citizenship status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.