Organic Decision Support Tools Project Seeks Farmer Cooperators

Researchers at the Universities of Illinois and Vermont are collaborating in a study to improve cover crop biomass and nitrogen estimates for farmers in the Midwest and Northeast to improve N credits for nutrient planning. Results will be incorporated into goCrop, the nutrient planning tool developed by University of Vermont Extension. The project is seeking on-farm cover crop measurements (height, % ground cover, maturity) and cover crop and soil samples in the spring of 2018 at the time of cover crop termination.

Interested farmers can sign up here.

Cooperators need to be:

  • Located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont
  • Currently growing rye, clover, hairy vetch, alfalfa, alone or in mixes
  • Using mechanical termination and organic fertility

Participating farmers will receive:

  • $50 stipend
  • Personalized report of cover crop biomass and nitrogen content
  • Free 10-meter satellite imagery (vegetation index and color images) for any fields in the program