Register today for this Sept 14 Field Day if you want food

On Sept 14 you will want to go to the Sustainable Student Farm on the U of I campus at 9.30 and then the I Hotel to hear ‘CheffarmerTM’  from Ken Myszka to learn how he and Bloomington’s Epiphany Farms are developing a farm to for organism that uses intensive pasture rotation and permaculture methods to provide the Central Illinois community with fresh, nutritious, local food to reconnect people to their food. Its worth the drive to their Bloomington restaurant (220 E. Front Street) to try the food!

After training at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Ken Myszaka engaged in the production side of the food business and after that he and the Epiphany Farms Hospitality Group devoted themselves to the farm to fork movement.   You can find more about Ken on the internet- eg: an article from Illinois Farmer , and from the Chicago Tribute (warning the pop up adds are obnoxious).  *The nice images are from here.

In addition to hearing from him you will learn about how Illinois Dining Services, the Sustainable Student Farm and the Food Processing Plant are making farm to fork happen at the U of I!

If you want to make sure to get a taste of this you need to register this week!  Just $10 in advance.  On site or late registrations may not get lunch.  Register here