School for Designing a Society: Fall Courses

The School for Designing a Society offers an 8-week session beginning Oct.1, 2014, in Urbana, Illinois. Participants are invited to imagine and formulate desires for a society different from the current one. The curriculum is designed to turn complaint into critique, dream into project, isolation into collective composition and social action.

This fall we offer design courses with 2 emphases as well as performance and ongoing compositions projects.

1. The Tracing Fingertips of Care as They Take the World in Hand: A Multi-disciplinary Laboratory of Care – re-designing various kinds of work with care as a core value.

2. Craftsperson in Time: Designing in time can be studied as craft, and taken as input into artistic and activist projects. Such contemporary phenomena as ‘tipping point’, ‘flash mob’, ‘crowd-sourcing’, ‘kick starter’ refer to initiatives where designing time is the crucial parameter.


Can I get credit for this work with my home university?

We can work with you and your home university to see if our program can be considered a for-credit program.

Is there a cost to this program?

Yes. We ask participants to “chip in”. We intend to offer the presenters an honorarium for their work. The “chip in” amount we’re suggesting is $1000 for the two month session. If this amount is prohibitive to your participation, then arrange with us an amount that is possible for you.


Who is invited?


Since we all live with the consequences of the current design of society, everyone is invited to participate in designing a different one. No particular educational background is required; the prerequisite is the desire to participate in designing a society.




To apply to participate in the School for Designing a Society, please click here and you will be contacted for a phone interview.


To contact admissions, email Melanie at


Our staff can assist you in finding sub-lease housing options in Urbana or Champaign, Illinois. Please email us to arrange.

How do I pay?

You may pay online via secure paypal account below or mail a check payable to School for Designing a Society to 122 Franklin St Urbana, IL 61801