Land Connection is Hiring a Farmland Program Manager

The Farmland Program Manager is a full time, grant funded position. The successful candidate will have connections with Illinois farm families and farming communities, and will do research, programming, outreach, and education around the urgent need to preserve, protect, and enhance farmland, especially as land changes hands.

The successful applicant will oversee all of The Land Connection’s existing farmland programs and services, and will access and develop diverse funding streams to support them.The Farmland Program Manager will work closely with the Executive Director to plan and execute farmland programming that meets the evolving needs of land owners and inheritors, as well as meeting the farmland needs of sustainable farmers.

Overall, the goal of The Land Connection’s farmland program is to enable more elderly farmers and land inheritors to keep their stewardship legacy alive during farm transfers, and to enable more young and transitioning farmers to find suitable farmland so that the crucial work of caring for the earth while feeding our communities can continue.


Salary is competitive and dependent upon qualifications. Benefits include paid time off and health care. To apply, send a letter of interest, resume and writing sample (not to exceed 4 pages) to by May 1, 2014.

For the full job description, visit our website.