Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program Assistant NC

This position of the Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program Assistant (PA) is to assist in carrying out activities associated with the Sustainable Agriculture Internship summer program located at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) in Goldsboro, NC from approximately May 27 – August 1. The PA will provide an important point of contact for the 12-14 course participants that will live in site near the Small Farm Unit at CEFS. It is essential that the PA possess a positive attitude, ability to work and communicate with a diversity of people and is able to provide a safe environment for building community and cohesion among intern participants. It is required that the PA live on-site with the interns and have a valid driver’s license in order to transport students among the related internship activities. The PA position is under the shared supervision of the CEFS Assistant Director of Educational Programs and the CEFS Extension and Outreach/Internship Coordinator. Coordination of interns and internship activities during the 8 week program (June2 – July 25) may include: coordinating living conditions for interns, driving interns to field or community visits, assisting with setting up related activities or discussions with faculty and providing information about Goldsboro events and town services for interns all related to the success of the CEFS Sustainable Agriculture Summer Internship Program.


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