Want to go to Local Food Awareness Day During Spring Break?

bfblASAP will be bringing a group of students and friends to Springfield on Wednesday, March 26th to participate in Local Food Awareness Day and to encourage their legislators to support local food and farms.

There are several interesting pieces of legislation that you might want to learn more about or even support.  These include

  1. House Bill 5657/Senate Bill 3380, also called the Farmers’ Market Regulatory Modernization Bill. It will:
  • Create a simplified, consistent, and statewide process for vendors to offer samples at any farmers market in Illinois
  • Provide consistent and uniform regulations for farmers markets throughout the state
  • Create new product origin requirements to foster transparency and help consumers identify “re-sellers” at farmers markets and,
  • Cap registration fees for cottage food operations at a reasonable rate

2.  House Bill 5907,

  • to  create a new microloan program to assist beginning farmers.

3.  Senate Bill 1666

  • that mandates the labeling of food products with genetically engineered ingredients also known as GMOs.

To register or to learn more about the Illinois Stewardship Alliance organizing the event click here and to register simply click here.

If you would like to ride with a group from U of I campus email us at asap@illinois.edu!