Environmental Defense Fund Job

edfHere’s a job opportunity coming out of beautiful San Francisco, California, courtesy of the Environmental Defense Fund. The EDF is currently accepting applications for the position of Project Analyst, charged with supporting the EDF’s goals on Greenhouse Gas Emissions. According to the job posting, a Project Analyst will also “help set the goals, objectives and strategies and develop and track work plans and manage relationships and collaborating activities with partners, including consultants.”

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You may be asking, what is it that EDF does, anyway? Well, they happen to work with agriculture producers, foresters and ranchers to improve the management of private lands, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The EDF hopes to couple these management improvements with economic incentives for private landowners. A noble and difficult goal, as loss of profit is a main trope lobbed by opponents of such innovations against environmentally-friendly agriculture groups such as the EDF. In order to make progress on their laborious task, the EDF has come up with a three-pronged strategy:

  1. development of sound science and rigorous accounting for agriculture carbon offsets
  2. promotion of policies to stimulate agricultural carbon offsets, particularly in California
  3. strategic communications targeting the agriculture sector, the environmental community, the offset buyer community, regulated companies, regulatory agencies and other key decision makers

The job itself has a long list of key responsibilities and qualifications, long enough that it wouldn’t be prudent to list them all here, which is why, if you’re interested, you should check out the job description, straight from the EDF, right here.

There is no guarantee that EDF can or will respond to your application, and they state they will contact applications directly if selected as a candidate.