Spring Days at the WPP!

Presumably the WPP Research Site. Google image search did me no favors with this one.
Presumably the WPP Research Site. Google image search did me no favors with this one.

Well, if you hadn’t noticed from the torrential downpours that are threatening to soak through my bookbag and ruin all of my books, spring is upon us, and to commemorate that fact UIUC’s own Woody Perennial Polyculture Research Site is celebrating with its first-ever Spring Field Days festival, to take place May 10th and 12th.

Located on the corner of Lincoln and Windsor, the WPP Research Site was founded on a noble vision; to restore the biogeochemical cycle of the Midwest, a region thats current system of corn/soybean rotation has been damaging soil quality for years, while still recognizing the need for large-scale crop production in our modern world. According to their website, “the system studied here attempts to break down the dichotomy between ecological restoration and agriculture” while also breaking through the barriers separating nature and ourselves. The WPP attempts to recreate the structure and function, as well as test the feasibility of a more natural ecosystem. Quite the noble goal indeed.

So, that brings us to the Spring Field Days. Taking place May 10th and 12th (no 11th!) from noon to 2, and open to the public as well as free of cost, visitors to the event can expect to:

  • learn about the site’s history and background
  • ask questions about the theory behind the WPP system
  • meet the site’s leaders
  • explore the current research projects
  • walk around and interact with the trees first-hand

The trees part has me. Have to love blooming trees in the springtime. Although the event is free, the organizers would prefer if you registered, as to provide them with an estimate of how many people to expect. You can register right here, and the registration requires nothing more than your name, email, and the answers to several questions.

So, once again

Where: Corner of Lincoln Ave. & Windsor Rd.

When: May 10 and 12, 12-2pm

Link to picture of location

Contact info: (708) 476-9929 or wppresearch@gmail.com

I would also like to recommend going to WPP’s website and checking out where they’re all about, it’s really quite fascinating stuff. Here’s a link to it.

Have fun, and try to stay warm. Note the emphasis on try.