Webinar on AGR-Lite Insurance

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) announced this week that they will be hosting a free, hour-long webinar on Thursday, November 29, at 1 Eastern time, on federal Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite (AGR-Lite) crop insurance.

The AGR-Lite is not tied to a single crop or commodity, but rather whole-farm revenue, and so is designed to protect those with small and diverse farms, farms that grow specialty crops, organic farms, and direct-market farmers. Such farmers are highly encouraged to attend this event, along with educators and professionals in the field.

The webinar, officially titled Understanding Whole-Farm Insurance for Specialized, Diversified, and Organic Farms, promises to explain how AGR-Lite works and will also demonstrate NCAT’s new AGR-Lite Wizard assessment tool, which helps farmers determine the usefulness of the AGR-Lite on their own farm, and can be found here! The webinar will provide examples pertinent to growers in the Southeast, although people from all parts of the country are also encouraged to participate.

For more info on the webinar or to register, visit the NCAT’s website.