New Blog Focused at Strip-Tilling

We’re excited to tell you about a new site,, recently launched to serve as a source for all you need to know on the methods and equipment needed for strip-tillage, a form of agriculture that engages in minimal tillage.

The method attempts to combine the benefits to soil temperature and general predictability of tillage with the soil-conserving benefits of no-till agriculture. The positive effects of strip-tilling are especially noticeable in areas with wet, poorly drained soils.

The site is associated with, and subscribers to the new site will be linked to the Farmers Forum, a great resource where farmers can get feedback on everything strip-till farming. An e-newsletter is also available for subscribers, and should be useful, too, as the site promises to be updated often.

Please take the time to visit, and should you have any suggestions or concerns, you’re urged to contact John Dobberstein at (262)782-4480 ext. 425.

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