Coming Next Week: Videos!

Hi everyone, hope you’re all asleep by now, but as I’m a night owl, I’m here, writing for your amusement. The weekend’s been slow on news, but up-coming this week, we’re going to have more Farm Bill news, as the legislation begins its journey through the House (and who knows what they’ll do it it in there). Furthermore, we’re going to have videos! Videos on what, you ask? Videos on a cool project going on at the SSF, where a couple of intrepid farmers are trying to bring a more natural ecosystem to the land. This is very generic stuff I’m saying and really doesn’t mean anything, but it’s going to be much more detailed. We’re calling it ‘The Restoration Ag. Permaculture Project’ and Heather Faivre is going to be doing it. It’s going to be lovely, its going to be interesting, and you should come back and watch it when it’s up.

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