Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Options in Chambana

I’m sure plenty of you know about this already, especially if you find yourself perusing this site in the first place, but it’s my dutiful job to remind you that we have lots of options for buying fresh, locally raised fruits and vegetables here in Champaign-Illinois. Tomorrow (tomorrow being Saturday if you’re suffering from the disorienting time warp of summer) from 7-12 the famed ‘Urbana’s Market’ will be taking place in the parking lot of the Lincoln Square mall, at the corner of Vine and Illinois streets. It’s huge, its a lot of fun, it has a great selection and it’s really good stuff. Certain foods like tomatoes sell out really quick, though, so get there early if you really want your pick of the litter. And not to be a shill for anybody, per se, but Blue Moon Farm, a sponsoring member of IOGA, the Illinois Organic Growers Association and a big and important project of ASAP, contributes heavily to the Urbana’s Market (‘the Urbana’s Market’? ‘the Urbana’s Market’? ‘Urbana’s Market’, like it’s the only one? Who knows. Confusing.). Anyway, last time I was out there I had a a great time and ate some wonderful barbecue from a place of which I wish I could remember the name. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. The Sustainable Student Farm also operates a stand outside the Illinois Union, on the Quad side, during Thursday afternoons all throughout summer. According to their web site they had lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, scallions, cilantro, basil and much more, all raised on the SSF farm south of campus. Missed the boat on this one but they’ll be back next Thursday, so check them out then. If you know of any other farmer’s markets or the like that I didn’t mention, leave a message and I’ll make sure to get the word out about it. In conclusion, I hope you’ve having a good one today, folks. It’s beautiful out there.

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