It’s Research Grant Thursday! Pt. 1: Research Fellowships

Exciting news out of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) this week as the application process for its 2013 Research Fellowships are now open. Under the banner of the Co-operative Research Programme (CRP) the OECD is looking for applications from research scientists “working in agriculture, forestry or fisheries…who would like to conduct research projects abroad” in any OECD-member country, who are all shown in the handy picture attached to this post. The fellowship designates that any research should fall into the categories of:

-The Natural Resources Challenge

-Sustainability in Practice

-The Food Chain

If any of these subjects interest you, try checking out further information on the OECD’s webpage. The deadline is September, 10, 2012, so you have some time, but like any application process it’s probably going to take longer than you think, so be sure to get on it early.

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