Farm to School National Network Joins U of I Extension

The University of Illinois Extension hired Julia Govis who serves as the Statewide Program Coordinator for Illinois Farm to School this January.  Julia Govis has nearly 30 years of experience in the agricultural arena. She has owned and operated two small farms in Illinois and has worked on other farm operations, in both livestock and food production. In 2007, she managed and certified an organic farm in Three Oaks MI and has created and maintained urban growing plots in the City of Chicago.

Farm to School is a National program that began in 1996 as a pilot project in California and Florida. Today there are over 2000 programs in all 50 states working to connect K-12 schools and local farms to provide healthy meals in school cafeterias, improve student nutrition, nutrition education opportunities and support local and regional farmers.

As the State Lead in Illinois Julia works with National, Regional and Local networks made up of various not-for-profit agencies, for-profit businesses and government agencies involved in school nutrition programs. She plans to reach out to various agencies (State Board of Education, the Department of Agriculture, the Public Health Department as well as the Lt. Governor and Governors offices) to advance Illinois specific programs.  Additional information about the network can be found on the National website at:

Contact Julia:

  • Julia Govis/University of Illinois Extension/IL Farm to School Program Coordinator
  • 1100 E. Warrenville Rd., Suite 170
  • Naperville, Illinois 60563
  • (630) 955-1150 fax-(630) 955-1160
  • Email

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